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Alteryx Amazon Redshift

Hi all,

Alteryx is relatively new to me - so excuse me if this is a stupid question.

Currently the only data I have input has come from data extracts (CSV).

I have just been asked to explore what performance issues may occur if we use the database connectors.

We currently use Tableau without any issues.

Therefore if anybody has any experience with the database connectors (particularly large datasets in Amazon Redshift) I would be greatful for your experience.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Hi David, the majority of issues that occur with Amazon Redshift will be due to network bandwidth.  

I recommend setting up a development environment to see if the service will suit your business needs as each case is a bit different. 

Hi David,

I am relatively new to Alteryx as well but here are my 2 cents. We also use Amazon Redshift and the performance has been descent when i connect it with Alteryx. I use the ODBC connector to read from Redshift and the read performance is as good as what I would get in a live query against that database.

The writes however are very very slow (I think that is due to ODBC or something) and as a workaround I output my data into CSV and then use COPY command to populate my redsfhit tables. We also deal with large amounts of data so give this a shot and probaby it works out for you.