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Alteryx APP - Drop down (Entry for multiple fields) --> Update Value --> In DB Filter


I have an alteryx app with 2 entry Parameters year and period.  The In DB Filter has a selection on both, and both values needs to be replace.


Drop Down

One for Year - One for  Period. Both tools are connected with the same '"In DB Filter tool" using the tool "Update value (default)" "Replace a specific string 9999/8888"


In DB Filter


And "0FISCYEAR" = 9999
And "0FISCPER3" = 8888



It seems that only one value is updated year or period, just depend on which connector is first. Is there a limitation on number of replacements within the same tool ?



And "0FISCYEAR" = 9999
And "0FISCPER3" = 6



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

You can connect multiple Action tools to the same In-DB Filter. However, the problem here is that each update Action is taking place in a separate transaction, so the second Action negates the changes made by the first. 


I recommend you input both dropdown values to a single Action tool to make both changes with one Action tool by constructing a new filter string using the two values. 


Here's an example If the year dropdown is the #1 connection to the Action tool, and the #2 connection is the dropdown for the period. The Action should be set to "Update with Formula".


'And "0FISCYEAR" = '+tostring([#1])+'
And "0FISCPER3" = '+tostring([#2])


Detailed solution:


Tool - Drop Down Year (#1) + Tool - Drop Down Period (#2) linked to


Tool Action - Update value with Formula


  •  Formula = [destination] + ' And "0FISCYEAR" ='+ ' ' + tostring([#1]) +' And "0FISCPER3" =' + ' ' +tostring([#2])
  • example 0FISCYEAR = 2019 - 0FISCPER3 = 6
  • [destination] Current value of the tool being updated by the tool action


Filter in DB (in script)


"0COMP_CODE" In ('Comp A', 'Comp B', 'Comp C'')                --> Destination
And "0BILL_TYPE" In ('TpA', 'TpB', 'TpC', 'TpD')


Filter in DB (Result input #1 + #2)

"0COMP_CODE" In ('Comp A', 'Comp B', 'Comp C'')                --> [Destination] - formula in the destination tool
And "0BILL_TYPE" In ('TpA', 'TpB', 'TpC', 'TpD')

And "0FISCYEAR" = 2019 And "0FISCPER3" = 6                    --> from the formula in the action tool