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Alteryx API Trigger




We are currently working on creating a workflow in Alteryx that when we get a email in (using the Gmail API), it triggers another workflow based on that content. So far I have extracted the content from Gmail, I am now looking on how to trigger a workflow on our Alteryx Server from this workflow. 


I wonder if anyone has done this please?



I've built several workflows that are triggered based on an email, and like everything in Alteryx there is always a dozen ways to do it.


Are you using an event to trigger the initial workflow (like a schedule or manual run to check the Gmail account) or are you wanting the receipt of email to trigger the start of the process?


Hi Patrick,


Thanks for the reply. I am currently using a scheduled workflow to pull from the Gmail API every minute and then if an email subject matches: "#run" for example, I am then hoping to trigger a workflow.


Tried the Alteryx API but the place where you test it just gives me errors.


If there is a better way, please let me know. 

In your workflow that checks for messages, you could just add a Conditional Runner macro (available in the Crew Macro Pack ) and a filter.  

If the email contains the keyword, then it passes through the True side of the filter.  That output then streams to the conditional runner which kicks off the next workflow you want to trigger.