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Alteryx 2018.4 Missing Network Drives


I just updated to 2018.4 but using the input tool I seem to be missing network drives, there's also some showing that I do not have mapped. Even if I use the recent list to browse it claims that the drive doesn't exists when Explorer clearly shows it as a mapped drive.

I'm missing my O, R, W and X and Alteryx has a mapped S,U and V drive that don't actually exist. Seems like some old cached network list from long ago.






OK, seems a restart of Alteryx has fixed this. It was the first run after installing so something must have been cached.


Hi @bobpeers,


I had a very similar issue. It seems to be a symptom of Alteryx running in 'elevated' mode which happens after launching from the installer as the installer is run elevated under administrator privileges. When closing and reopening Alteryx, you open it under its normal non-elevated running mode.


You can always check the status of elevation by going to Help > About.


Sam :)

Alteryx Partner

Exact same case for me only I had no mapped network drives available and my input tool gave a file not found error until I closed and re-opened Alteryx


Another issue that I ran into was YXDBs could not be dragged and dropped onto a workflow from Window Explorer until I closed and re-opened Alteryx


Alteryx Partner

I have had this exact issue almost a year. I couldn't find a thread back then, but this fixes it. Removing elevated mode puts the drives back into my alteryx.

Makes zero sense, as admin should have MORE rights not less.