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Alteryx 2018.4?? Am I jumping the gun or is Alteryx

So on the download page it shows that the new Alteryx 2018.4.3 was released today. Yay!!



But when I got download or even look at the release notes to see what made into these Quarters release, hoping and praying for some server updates, but to my surprise can't find the release. 



Is it me or is them?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
I'd be amazed as we haven't seen 2018.4.1 or 2018.4.2! But happy to be proven that this is indeed correct!
Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@levell_x_dunn If you clear your browser cache you should see the release notes.


Hey @levell_x_dunn,


I have the exact same problem, emailed into Support and they are looking into it. So I guess it's on Alteryx's end, not ours.

Sam :)

@SamDesk @levell_x_dunn The release notes were updated within the last couple hours. I agree with @DanM about clearing the cache (Control + F5 did it for me in chrome). As for the licensing portal, they just updated that within the last 15 minutes to actually include the exe files. A cache clear may be necessary there as well. I've downloaded 2018.4 and am working on installing it now.