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Alteryx 11.7.x is not working with 'ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly' to SQL Server

Im unable to connect as a readonly user to a Sql Server.  it ignores the ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly parameter in the connection string.


Using ODBC driver 13 (newest)


Other applications don't have this problem, like Tableau can connect to the readonly availability server fine using ODBC.  But... using this exact same DSN set up for the ODBC connection, or even typing it in the Connection string manually up top on the input tool (odbc:DRIVER={ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server};SERVER=servername;Trusted_Connection=yes;ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly)


Doesn't work.


Does anyone have any insight?




We recently struggled with this problem as well and what we found was that the specific driver that you use is important.  The ole db driver that we were connecting with originally didn't support read only intent however we were able to download msoledbsql_18.1.0.0_x64 from and then choose the ole db provider as "Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server".  Then under all you can change the application intent to read only.






Hope this helps.