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Alterxy programming reference

Alteryx Partner


I want to learn to build macros an workflows.

How can I find a programming reference for the Alterxy-Designer?

The Alterxy-Help is to describe the different tools but not how correctly to use the tools.

Too little information I get by the examples, I think so.




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Hey there. Great question.

You've called this a programming reference and tagged the SDK. The great news is to build workflows you need NO programming. To build Macros there is NO programming. To build Apps there is NO programming.

The best resource to learn Alteryx is there are loads of videos and webinars pre recorded to get you started.

If after that you are stuck follow the Tutorials in the Help menu in Designer. After that - well post here on any specific questions.

PS it is possible to program using an sdk in Alteryx to build new tools and functions but 99.999% of users never touch it. I can honestly say I've never used it beyond taking an interested look.