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Allowing Multiple Selections in Drop down: Or making List Box filterable?

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hello everyone. I am building an analytic app for end users, and they needto be able to select 2-5 values from a list of over 1k...


One example would be "loan Number". THey need to run the app for 2-5 loans numbers from a list of 1,000.   The drop down interface has the nice addition that it is filterable, so they can start typing text and the drop down jumps to that section in the gallery.... However the drop down interface cannot allow more than 1 selection which they implicitly need.


On the other hand the list box drop down does allow for multilpe selections, however it doesn't look like you can filter it, or have users type in a value and have the application jump to the results similar in the list.


Is there any way to combine these two items functionality, or perhaps hack the XML so that they display better?


Secondary Question if the first answer is NO:

If this isn't possible... Is there a way to Hard-code the heigth of the List box drop downs, and then simply put a scroll bar on there?


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Have you considered having 5 drop downs?  

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ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hello and thanks for the suggestion.  I think you are saying to have five independent drop downs, of which the users can select a distinct loan number in each one correct?


Unfortunately that won't be a solution as I need this functionality on pretty much every drop down that the business users in this application, and at this point that is over 10+ dropdowns.


In addition I was just using the value 2-5 as an example, in the real appliaction the amount can be much more, so I don't think that will work for us sadly.


@bsharbo Hi, I was facing the similar issue.  Did you find an alternative to this problem?


I have the same challenge.  Any ideas out there?




Hello all!


I've seen this post looks largely unresponded to at the moment. An alternative option to using the dropdown menu would be to go with the Checkbox tool.
This would give you the option to provide a list similar to the dropdown, but as many options can be selected as you provide to the user.

With the dropdown menu, you are currently limited to selecting a single option per dropdown tool set up.




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