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All Possible Combinations - Unique Combination Where Order Doesn't Matter

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While I was working on building out a tool to compare every file in a given directory against another file in the same directory, I came across a old problem.


This is an old SQL pro tip I learned back in college from one of my professors. Unfortunately, until this morning I'd forgotten this technique. A coworker of mine help me relearn and build this scenario out.


To simplify the scenario we've used A,B,C,D,E, to represent file names.


The object was to get a list of all combinations without any combo of A, A or  B,B, Ect.

We also wished to eliminate any duplicate combos for example B,A would be a duplicate of A,B.


See Example Data Below








I built this solution into a reusable macro, and want to put it out into the community incase it wasn't already out there. Hopefully, it'll prove useful so someone else.

Please like this post if you find this solution valuable.










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See Attached Macro for Solution.