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Align on last year available

Hi guys!


I'm onto a challenge:


So, what I'm trying to achieve, for later processing, is the following: to align data on the last year of available data the datasets have in common, and make all columns move (and disappear) accordingly. All I have is the value for the last year of available data and the data corresponding to this year, and that year minus 1, 2, 3, ect... To keep it simple I'm assuming there's only a dispute between the last two years, since It's very unlikely to consider those with no data for the last two years. For that purpose I'd discard beforehand what is highest number -2.


To keep the workflow flexible for updated input, I thought of tackling it with a 'greatest number' -1 type of approach.. But I'm not sure of where to go from there. Either way the purpose is not to use the fixed 'year' data as an input for the flow, but rather to only work with variables. 


With this perhaps confusing explanation, I think visual support is most suitable (see appendix - still not sure if my illustration is clear)


Can anyone help me crack this puzzle?



Kind regards 


Hey @AvailableUsername,


I think I get what you're going for. If you transpose the data, you can get the field names as values and treat them as variables without having to know their names. Then with some parsing and a multi-row formula you can categorize your "years", then filter out from there. Then just cross tab back to normal.


See attached!




Hi! Thanks for the swift reply! I don't think this corresponds to what I'm looking for though. This flow seems to end up removing columns as a whole, regardless of the data contained in them... (name value <= 3 in this case). I elaborated on my example to explain better what I'm trying to do, hope I managed this time. Kind regards