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Advice needed on parsing a column


Hello all,


I have a column of data that I'm trying to parse out and am stuck on what to do to after using the text-to-column tool.


A typical cell in this column would look like this:


PageName = abcd, DataSet=wxyz


Sometimes these texts are rearranged and appear like this in the column to be parsed:


DataSet = wxyz, PageName = abcd


I'm parsing using , as a delimeter 

My desired output is to have all of the PageName =abcd and DataSet = wxyz in separate columns after the parsing but I'm unsure of how to set up logic within Alteryx to do so. Eventually I would like to do a count of the number of times specific PageNames and DataSets appear but I am currently unable to do that because if I use the summarize tool, group by each parsed column, and do a count on it, I receive back the same count for each of the columns. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.



I've attached an example of how I would approach this.


I used Text to Columns to split to Rows on the comma character ",". Then, I used a second text to columns to split to columns on the equals character "=".  I used Data Cleansing to trim some whitespace that was left in each string, and then used a Cross Tab tool to pivot the data to the correct columns we are looking for.


Hope this helps!


Works like a charm, I appreciate the help!