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Advanced Cross tab function and new columns creation

5 - Atom

Hi Everyone,


Does anyone know how to perform the following operation?


I would like to have as output the 3rd table, by creating new columns


1)Start Seller NameCity IDProductValue-€       
2)What I managed to doSeller NameCity IDProduct A €Product B €Product C €Product D €     
3)What I'd like to haveSeller NameCity ID #1Product A in city 1Product B in city 1Product C in city 1Product D in city 1City ID #2Product A in city 2Product B in city 2Product C in city 2Product D in city 2
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Hi @paolodinapoli 

See if it helps you ...
In fact it is a little different because the data from PAUL is in city 3 and not in city 1 according to your example.