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Advanced Cost Modeling

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I am new to Alteryx and am planning to use it to develop advanced cost models (ML based). I would be extremely grateful if someone could help me with the following questions:

1. Is ML based modeling possible in Alteryx? Since it's a procurement dataset, it would be enriched every minute as more and more Purchase orders are released. Would Alteryx models dynamically update and refine themselves using ML algorithms?

2. What if I want to have a user input to the master data? Would Alteryx allow me to do so? Just to illustrate what I mean - for example. I've made a cost model for Painting service which is a function of type of paint used, area of painting, height, site conditions etc. I have norms database for labour rates & productivity which will be used to calculate the prices. Now I have 2 questions:

 Q 1. User would like to estimate the price by providing certain input parameters such as height, paint type, area etc. - is the user allowed to input these in the front end (BI / visualization layer) and Alteryx can calculate basis that?

Q 2. If there's a new scenario that has come up. for e.g., painting on a rusted surface for which the norms might be different - can the user update the norms master database using the front end UI itself rather than going into the norms database (which might be in excel / access / any other database for that matter)?

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Do you have Alteryx Server?  This project sounds Like it will need to incorporate scheduling and monitoring into your solution which the server can provide.   As for your questions, I do believe that most of the answers are yes but the capabilities would be dependent on your planned design and company's infrastructure.