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Advanced Certification - practice question 1

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I'm preparing to take the alteryx advanced certification exam so i'm working through the practise questions. Unfortunately i seem to be falling at the first hurdle and wondered if i could have some assistance working through it please? I have attached the data and my attempt below.


The question:


You are researching consumption of common food staples globally. In the provided dataset, the average
yearly consumption in pounds per person of 15 foods is provided for 236 regions. There are two rows for
each region, the header row provides the name of the food and the data row directly beneath it provides the
quantity consumed of that food.
Determine which region consumes the lowest total quantity of wheat, rice, beans and corn per person.
What is that region’s total quantity consumed per person for all four items? (Note: data provided are
fictitious and randomly generated)
A) 174 pounds per person
B) 181 pounds per person
C) 196 pounds per person
D) 202 pounds per person
E) 203 pounds per person


Many thanks


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I worked through this myself before checking your version, and we start out exactly the same.  However, for the second text-to-columns tool I've split to rows instead, then numbered the rows using a tile tool to match the headers to the data.


I can post my workflow if you want to see it.


I also needed to make changes to the first few steps to handle Guinea-Bissau - you have the same problem.

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Hi @LSalter,


As Christina says you're actually almost there, swapping the second text to columns tool to to split to rows should help you out.


Since Christina mentioned it, the first text to columns tool introduces an error.


Using the Regex tool to parse out the data to start with would give you more precision in you split, and allow you to avoid that specific problem.






Hi @LSalter 


As Ben and Christina mentioned, you're virtually there.


Please see the attached workflow that incorporates the RegEx to remove the issue of hyphenated countries, with the text to columns split to rows.






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Wow you took so few steps, I'm beginning to wondering if I shouldn't practice more before starting this haha... My workflow is equally as long as OPs.


Do you have some good places to start learning more from RegEx? This is where I errored with Guinea-Bissau.

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Websites like are really useful for learing how regex works.


You can paste in the text you are working on and then see how things are working in real time.