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Adobe Analytics - Connector Toolkit




Awesome. Thank you for sharing. This is also similar to what i found yesterday, while digging through your macro.

Anyhow, it was nice to be confirmed and once again, thumbs up for your macro :-)  





Just in case someone is following this thread. Found a small thing that I had to manipulate to make it work a bit more robust. The iteration that takes place after submitting the report request is constructed as 2000 request that asks the api if the report is ready as fast as possible. A nicer way of doing it it is to ask, then wait for a little while and then ask again. So I installed a "wait a second" (with 10 seconds grace) on my iteration output. The added benefit is that I don't reach the dreaded 2000 iterations before my report is ready. Perhaps something that should go into the next version of the tool. 


Best regards//Leif


Thanks for the connector! Is there an option to change preset date selector "last week" to range from Monday until Sunday? I tried setting up a custom date range in Adobe Analytics but it doesn't shop up in the selector.


I am using the Omniture API to pull records from Adobe in Python. It's going in loop forever saying 152 records pulled out of 154. Means Job will complete if it pulls remaining 2 records but it's running in loop for days and I had to kill with no hope. 


I am using report layout something like this :


"0" :
"reportDescription": {
"reportSuiteID": "VIT",
"dateGranularity": "day",
"metrics": [
{"id": "visits"},
{"id": "entries"},
{"id": "bounces"},
{"id": "pageviews"},
{"id": "totaltimespent"},
{"id": "uniquevisitors"},
{"id": "event11"},
{"id": "event18"},
{"id": "event25"},
{"id": "event26"},
{"id": "event27"},
{"id": "event34"},
{"id": "event50"}
"segments": [],
"elements": [
{"id": "trackingcode", "top": 50000}



Let me know if you have seen such kind of issue.