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Addressing odd rectangular character in string field


Hi all,

The original dataset I'm sourcing is from Hadoop, so I unfortunately can't manually clean this up.  But the string comes in something like this  "NameExample".  


I think it is some tab error that is triggering this rectangular type character.  Any tips on how to clean this?  I tried the Data Cleanse tool and it didn't work.  Maybe a find and replace with Text Input?  


Thanks for your help! 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I wasn't able to get that character into the workflow to test ways to cleanse it out. My first idea was to try a RegEx formula that replaces any character that isn't alphanumeric. If the input field to be cleansed is called "Target", then the expression in a Formula tool would be:





@CharlieS 's idea works. You can test it by putting the string with the box character in a text file and load it with an input data tool as a CSV.