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Adding text to new column based on if filtered [Description] contains criteria

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Hi, Community, I'm filtering data based on text being contained within the [Description].



I would like to know how to pragmatically add a column with a name from the Master List to those records that meet the filter criteria. Below is my best attempt to create a find and replace after adding a duplicate column of [Description]. However, I'm needing to replace the entire cell value with the [Produce Short Name], rather than replace the found text string from [Source]. My goal is to match the [Produce Short Name] with the total count of transactions to be able to view the type most frequently purchased. 


Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Also, please let me know if I can clarify anything to provide better context to my ask. Thank you in advance!

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Hi.... could you post data/your workflow instead of screengrabs? I can tell you that the contains filter you have is yucky and can probably be set up better (also "toma" is redundant with "tom")...  - unless you generated it via dynamic replace and summarize concat setting...  - then it's super dope.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula



You were almost there, your idea of using the find replace tool is correct! You only need to append the field instead of replace it as shown in the image below:




Fernando Vizcaino


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12 - Quasar



I think that based on what I was reading, one of the solutions attached is what you are looking for. 


1) if the value you are looking for is the entire value of the cell (seach field = "green") then filtering on a join is where it's at.

2) if the value you are looking for is within the cell (search field contains "gr") then using the append and a filter with the contains function is what you are looking for. If you have a LARGE amount of data and filter criteria, this isn't a great idea. For example if you have 20M records and you are looking for one of 60 things, you will end up with 1.2B records, which Alteryx can handle, but why? if that is a route you want to go, you could pair the data way down to only the search field and an ID column and then do this method on the smallest amount of data possible.


Good luck!


edit. I forgot to attach

Treyson Marks
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All, thank you for your points of advice! #Doh! Append the second column!! I love being supported by the community. Not only did I get an answer to my question, but most importantly you brought to my attention I need to look upstream at my filtering criteria. That will ensure comprehensive searching and then will allow me to open up my date range to search more data and find more patterns!