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Adding in Null Value Rows when Value (Date) Doesn't Appear in Both Datasets


Hi There:
I have a dataset where holidays do not appear only if a group is closed. (In the example, Jan 1 and Jan 15 don’t appear for group A at all, but do for group B.)  I still need to have the date appear but with a null value (unless a value already exists, such as with group B). I have another list with the dates that should be included. You’ll notice that weekends are excluded for some groups, so I can’t simply add in all dates. What would be the easiest way of going about this?

The desired result would look like this…

I believe the attached workflow will do what you are requesting.


Here is what it does:

  • Create a record for every day in the weeks that have data
  • Join that to the 'holidays' table to get a record for each holiday
  • Join that back to the transaction data
  • Fill in the blanks using some logic

Just curious if this solved your problem.


Yes, very helpful. Thanks so much!