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Adding fields that share a similar value each day



So I'm trying to SUM [CAPACITY] and [OCCUPANCY] with each time that Seaton House is mentioned within each occupancy date. Hopefully, the final result is just one row per day that gives the total capacity and occupancy for each day. AlteryxP1.png





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Use a Summarize tool - Shelter_Name and Occupancy_Date should be set to "group by".Capacity and Occupancy should be set to Sum

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Alteryx Certified Partner



I would use a summarize tool to get the "desired" data.  You could filter it for Seaton House or include all shelters.  Your choice.  I then union the data together with the original data and perform a sort by date and shelter to get a new output record for each shelter.







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That method does group the data together, however, I was wondering if it would be possible to keep the rest of the data set and just have a new row that can be created to reflect the sum of the occupancy/capacity per day. 

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To do that, union the totals back on to the original data :)