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Adding data - Excel/Sql



Sorry if this is a dumb question, but im  fairly new to Alteryx.

I have a excel files containing lets say:
Sender Name,
Sender Zip
Sender Country

Tracking number

And i have a Sql database containing 
Tracking number
Reciever Name
Reciever Zip
Reciever Country 

And I want to add the reciever data to my flow.

I have tried addon my database as sql connection, extraction data 3 months back.

But this is super slow. And I have 500.000 shipments a month in my DB. But only maybe 1000 in my excel file.

And thoughts on doing the the most efficient way?


Hi Hamder83,


In terms of downloading the information from SQL, try to narrow down the dates or any other information that is more related to your excel dataset. And make sure you're not bringing any columns that you are not using.


Also, after loading the SQL data, you can use the tool CACHE DATASET V2.

It will save the data in your machine so that you don't need to load the query every time you run your workflow. Remember to add the SQL input into a container and disable it, but enable and change the CACHE DATASET V2 status once you want new data in.


Make sure to use the join tool asap in your workflow and maybe even caching the results of the join and adding the previous part of your workflow into a  disabled container.


Hope that helps.




Hi @Hamder83 ,

This is one option  :  load  smaller excel data into  a temp table with proper keys  and  then  extracting

matching data with in-db tools .