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Adding a user success message to the Gallery output

7 - Meteor

Hi all,


Probably a stupid question (forgive me!) but I'm wondering how I can add a message to my workflow to show after it's run in the Gallery.


I have written a self service query for users to run, and on completion I'd like it to show a message that says something to the effect of "Your report has been saved in xxxx file location" instead of "This workflow produced no output".


I can get it to display the data that has been saved, or other data... But not a nice neat standard message.


I'm sure I've missed something obvious...


Thank you!




14 - Magnetar



To do this you will need to save your workflow as an Analytic App, if you haven't already.

In the Interface Designer (View->Interface Designer), under the Properties setting - the wrench icon, there are two fields - "Output Message" and "No Output Files Message".  The first will display if there is output that will appear on the Gallery, and the second will display if there isn't.  So you could easily use the "No Output Files Message" to hard-code in some information.


If you are looking for something more configurable, you can use Report Text and the Render Tool to create a temporary formatted document which will save with the execution when it completes.  Let me know if you are looking for this level of configuration and I will put together a quick example.

7 - Meteor

Fantastic, thank you!

5 - Atom

Hi Claje,


Is is possible to pass data from a field (only 1 record) caluclated in the workflow to an output message in the interface designer? I am calculating a simple percentage that I would like to display to the user upon successful completion of the workflow without creating a separate file that the user would need to open. It doesn't look like this functionailty is currentyl supported, but I'd be happy to hear your insight.




5 - Atom

Hello Magnetar,


Is it possible if you can send/post an example of the Report Text and Render Tool as stated below?  I want to see it on the Gallery output.


Thank you.

9 - Comet

thank you