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Adding a new sheet to Google Sheet every time the App is running




I've created an Alreyx app and the output is in Google sheet format.

I use Google Sheets Output tool. I select Add sheet to the existing spreadsheet and I have to specify the name of the new sheet e.g. Sheet1.


My issue is this app will be run on Alteryx server multiple times with different parameters. 

For the first time it won't have any issue and sheet1 appears just fine but

the second time it will get an error message since Sheet1's already existed.


I would like data for each run to appear in different sheets (tabs).

Is there any way that the user can just manually define the name of the new sheet?


Is there any way that every time the app is run, it will automatically add a new sheet to the spreadsheet?


Please advise.


Thank you.




I figured out how to add new tabs with different names.

Using a combination of Action tool and Interface.


Thank you.


I am facing the same issue, do you perhaps have a macro or workflow you could share?  Thanks!