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Adding a column from a different input file



I was wondering how I can add a column from a different input file to the main file. Problem I'm facing; the second input field does not contain ALL combining fiields as the main file.




File 1


Name     City

Scott       Amsterdam

Eric         New York

John       London


File 2

Name     Phone

Scott      +31123456789


So, how can I add the column 'Phone' in file 1, and showing no phone number for the rows not mentioned in File 2 (as shown below)


Name     City               Phone

Scott       Amsterdam   +31123456789

Eric         New York

John       London


I tried it with the Join and Union function, but that will only show the name with the phone number, not the ones without.


Thanks a lot,



A Join (on Name) followed by a Union (taking the L(eft) and J(oin) outputs) should do what you need.




Only issue I could think of is if you have trailing spaces on one of the inputs such that the Names arent equal. In which case you will need to use a formula tool to tidy a little first.


Sample workflow attached.


thanks a lot!



I have a similar question to the above, but takes it one step further.  I have two files that I am trying to compare, but need to reference two columns in one file to multiple columns in another file.


File 1 includes a list of companies and the year we did work with them. File 2 is the “key” of what priority tier they were in in the respective year.  I would like to pull in the relevant Priority Tier from the relevant year.


I was able to build the Alteryx flow shown above, but cant quite figure out how to do this one.


Here is a made-up example:


In File 1


Date                       Company                             Priority tier        

2015                       ABC Company                 

2017                       XYZ Company                  

2014                       My Company                    



In File 2


                                         2017       2016       2015       2014

ABC Company                  3              2              1              2

My Company                     2              1              2              3

XYZ Company                   3              2              NA           2



Requested outcome


Date                       Company                         Priority tier        

2015                       ABC Company                  1

2017                       XYZ Company                  3

2014                       My Company                    3