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Adding Zeros in Front of a Number to Reach Certain Number of Digits

8 - Asteroid

Dear all,


I have a very basic question.


Imagine I have a list consisting of many entries with integer values of different number of digits, sometimes 5 sometimes 7. In the end I want to have a string with 10 digits/chars. That means if an entry has 5 digit number then 5 times zero should be added in front of that integer, if it has 7 digit number then 3 times zero.


Obviously, I can do this with a giant if else loop but I would very much appreciate an elegant way that will save me some time!




15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

You can use the Formula Tool,



padleft([Field1], 10, '0')



You would need to make sure [Field1] is a string by either using the Select Tool or ToString([Field1]).

5 - Atom

Any way we can use this for a double data type? Says for string only.