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Add month columns | Dynamically

7 - Meteor



I am new to Alteryx and need your help. 


My requirement is such that, assume - I have 4-5 products as rows and the months are columns. Each of these columns has its own calculations based on formulas. 


As we reach a new month, the requirement is to include a new column (dynamically) to the dataset. 


Eg: data shows columns till the month of Sep 2021. Since, we entered October, Oct column needs to be added dynamically. 


Could you please help me with this? Thank you!


Attaching the demo file as well. 






17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @RajatK 


This is a tricky as the field formatting is a bit awkward. I've done it on a way that works, but it's a bit ugly. For most months you'll add one column but every January you need to add two. I'm essentially isolating the headers and then adding year and/or month as appropriate, crosstab it back and add the data  back in.


Have a look at the attached and let me know if it makes sense.






7 - Meteor

@DavidP , this would work perfectly well! Thank you so much for your help!