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Add column "Perecent of total"

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Dear colleagues,


Could you please help me with the following (I believe, pretty basic) question.


In Alteryx I have a table like this:

Region A50
Region B50
Region C30
Region D70


And I need somehow to make a new column with percentage of total sales. So, basically I need output like this:

RegionSales% of total
Region A5025%
Region B5025%
Region C3015%
Region D7035%


How can I make this in Alteryx?


Thanks a lot in advance!

Alteryx Certified Partner

To begin with, add a summarize tool to the input whioch will calculate the sum of "Sales". Then append it to the input data using Append Fields tool. Then using the Formula Tool, calculate the percentage of the Sales as another column and finally using Select Tool, remove the Sum of Sales column which was earlier formed using Summarize.


The file attached will help you build the workflow. 🙂

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Thank you so much! Unfortunately file doesn't open on my machine ("This document was created by a more recent version of this application and cannot be read"). But hopefully I understand 🙂

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
You can edit the file using notepad. Change 10.5 in the header to 10.0.

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Hello All,


I have been trying to find another way to add Percentage column field but couldn't find the solution to it.

I would really appreciate if you know if there is alternative way apart from your solution to make a Percentage column field for a give data.


Thanks for your help.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
There are probably a few ways, but it would help if you could tell us why the solution in this post doesnt work for you?

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The above solution does work.

There was a sample question that was posted and I wasn't able to find another way to find the Percentage total and add it to an additional column.


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I'm trying to get the percent of total across columns instead of rows. The table below is an example of my data. My data set has close to 400 columns. Each column is either the number of individuals in a tenure bucket broken out by job family or number of individuals in a tenure not broken out by job family. The total individuals is equal to the sum of tenure buckets not broken out by job family. I am trying to get to the percentage of total individuals by tenure and job family (column) for each branch (row). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BranchTenure 1Tenure 2Tenure 3Tenure 4Tenure 5Tenure 6Tenure 7Tenure 8Job family 1 in tenure 1Job family 1 in tenure 2Job family 1 in tenure 3Job family 1 in tenure 4Job family 1 in tenure 5Job family 1 in tenure 6Job family 1 in tenure 7Job family 1 in tenure 8Job family 2 in tenure 1Job family 2 in tenure 2Job family 2 in tenure 3Job family 2 in tenure 4Job family 2 in tenure 5Job family 2 in tenure 6Job family 2 in tenure 7Job family 2 in tenure 8