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Add a row with month end date

Hi - I have a listing of various products with sales throughout the month. I want to generate a row after the row that has a date in June. For example, if there was a Sale on June 5th, I want a row after it to contain all of the same information as that row with the date changed to june 30th.


Can someone help me with this?


Hi @ftorruella1


Attached workflow sample would work for your use case.


Let me know if you have any issue.




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I've approached the task in a different way to @ramatp30, instead of using the generate rows tool, I simply create a second stream and perform the date time trim, before unioning that information back together.


Example attached.



Thanks, Ben! While both of these would work, I opted for yours as it was a little simpler.