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Add a column with a string value

7 - Meteor

Newbie question.


I want to add a new column and for every row put one string value. For example, every row would have the value "Apple." How do I write this syntax in the Formula tool?

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Simply create the column with the formula tool and in the expression box type 'Apple'



8 - Asteroid

I have the same question, except the interface has changed and the solution shown generates an error.  I am using the Formula tool and getting the error -- "The field "" is not contained in the record. I also tried adding ToString('DUMMY').  Thanks in advance!


8 - Asteroid

I figured out the problem was that I had not named the column.  Once I entered a name, it worked.

5 - Atom

To where did you enter the column name?  I am having the same problem that you were able to solve.

5 - Atom

Hi AMaletta


You may have figured this out already but in the interface you click the Select Column dropdown and click Add column, in the same space you can then type the name of the column


Add Column.pngType New Name Column.png

5 - Atom

WOW you guys are making my life so easy when this was spoken about 3 years ago - THANK YOU ALL!

8 - Asteroid

How to do the same thing in Formula In DB?

8 - Asteroid


In the Query include the line:

 'Apple' as "Fruit"

to create a column called Fruit with the value Apple inside of it for all the rows