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Add a column that has date of file creation on each row of data

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Can't seem to crack this. Source data isn't changeable unfortunately so I've got to add a column to the data that says what the date of file creation was, and this needs to be on each row.


DatePerson NameData 1Data 2
11-07-17Person 1xxxxxx
11-07-17Person 2xxxxxx
11-07-17Person 3xxxxxx
11-07-17Person 4xxxxxx


So that date would change depending on when the file was created. These files are expected to either be produced by a person on our end, or transferred by FTP at 0300 so the date shouldn't matter too much. 


How on Earth do I do this?



20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

How about creating a [DATE] field with a DATE data type?


The formula would be:



The output would look like:






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7 - Meteor

You know it's been a long day staring at screens when the answer is that simple.


Thanks Mark.



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Step1: Use "Directory tool" to get all the files' metadata, this will give you "file creation date"

Step 2: In your "Input Data" tool, configure output file name as field

Step 3: Join Input data out put and Directory tool output based on file name.. boom you'll get file create date as a field.


This will work even if the file is created on a different date.

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 Hey gnans19 - could you provide an example? I am trying to bring in 4 files using the dynamic input and would like to add creation date column for each file imported

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do you have an example of this? I am trying what you said but the join isn't working. the only difference I see in the file name is that the Directory Input has .csv at the end of the file name, and the Input Data file name does not. they are both V_WString's as well.

5 - Atom



Can we get an example for this.


i am bringing data from Various folders and sub folders using a directory tool for specific file name.. i need the Full path and creation date along with it so that i can identify from which location each line item was populated.