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Add Rows to a named range with a Pre SQL statement


Does anybody know if it possible or how you would add rows to a pre-exsisting worksheet in an .xls file using a "Pre Create SQL Statement"?


If not any other suggestions? - I was thinking maybe the cmd line tool and vba code, but didn't really want to do that if possible






Hello @DamienMinter 


You should be able to do this without needing to use the pre SQL statement.

From your output tool, you can change the Output Options to "Append existing sheet" which should allow any new rows to be added directly.

If you wouldnt mind, can you please add your workflow, as well as some sample data to make sure this will format correctly for you?



Community Moderator

Thanks @TrevorS 


My work are very sensitive around what information we share so I can't include a workflow. Its a bit frustrating, I know.


When I "Append to Existing Sheet" I get the following error


Output Data (22) Error opening query: Microsoft JET Database Engine: '' is not a valid name. Make sure that it does not include invalid characters or punctuation and that it is not too long.\3125 = -537199594


I can get the data in using "Delete Data and Append' or "Overwrite Sheet (Drop)" but not sure how to best deal with extra lines if needed?


Also, my data get converted to strings when I drop the header so had another discussion on using SQL to remove the header after pasting in


Here is (a highly redacted) picture of my output - The red square is the named range


Oracle Journal.PNG


And here is a screenshot of my workflow. Very simple just trying to drop the data into Excel - Range = "Journal_Detail"


Oracle workflow.PNG


Hello @DamienMinter 

I have escalated this for you, a more advanced user should be reaching out to you soon to help you further!

Sorry I couldnt do more for you myself!


Community Moderator