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Add/Remove configuration dropdown list in HTML GUI SDK


Hi all,


At a high level, I'm trying to replicate the behavior of e.g. the sorting tool, where a user can add, remove, re-order, and adjust the configuration of selections, and iteratively add selections to the tool configuration.


Use case:

1. User inputs a series of configurations, e.g. select variable, select aggregation, select sort method, etc. associated with a particular variable they want the tool to read.

2. User clicks a button to add this configuration to the tool settings.

3. After they're finished, the configuration can be retained, read into Python scripts used in the background engine, and define behavior of the tool at runtime.


Hi @Matt123 


This sounds like a useful tool.  Keep us updated on your progress.


Did you have a question?  Possibly about how to "Add/Remove configuration dropdown list in HTML GUI SDK"?  If so, can you provide a bit more detail?  An example would help as well