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Add Date to Render Output File Name With Layout


I need to include a date in my final output's file name using the Render tool.


I've seen previous suggestions that say to create a filename date field and use the group data configuration of the Render tool:


The problem is I've used the Layout tool, rather than the Table tool, before using the Render tool.

Thus, I'm getting the "No Valid Fields" message when I go to group the data in Render.


Does anyone have any solutions to keep the report formatting/layout while also being able to include a date in the output file name in Render?


Render File Name.PNG

Render Config.PNG

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @AndrewKwast 


The field used to group must be a non-reporting field. Like a String, numeric field.




Hi @AndrewKwast,


Try creating your groups earlier within the workflow, like within the Table tool. Then use an Append Fields tool to append the Header and the Report Text to each individual table. Please see the attached example (you may need to tweak it based on your needs). Does this help solve your problem?




Hi @JeradR,


Could you post a screenshot of your example? I'm using an older version of Alteryx so can't open the file.




PRO TIP: Extract the workflow package with something like 7zip, then open the workflow with a text editor and modify the 'yxmdVer' value. Adjusting Alteryx Files for Different Versions.