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Acquiring / writing files to UNC paths - username & password

7 - Meteor

Hi all,


After some assistance please - I can't see that this issue has come up before, although if I'm honest, I find that hard to believe.


I have an Alteryx workflow - I need the workflow to acquire data from a server share that is on a different domain than the Alteryx server.  The workflow will also write to a server on a different domain.


While I can see where to enter the UNC path of the source and destination folders, I'm unable to work out where I can enter the username and password.  I would expect to be able to enter something along the lines of:



Username: <domain>\<username>

Password: <password.


Any ideas from anyone?  Appreciate the feedback.





11 - Bolide

I would use the run command and execute a "net use" command to map a drive with your credentials before attempting to access it in Alteryx.  This will map the folder to the drive W: of course you can change it to something else.  The second command allows you to delete the drive mapping, it doesn't actually delete the folder.


net use w: \\\sourcedata /user:<username>@<domain> <password>

net use w: /delete
7 - Meteor

Hey Fireball...


It's when I see such simple solutions, I'm reminded of how inadequate I am.


Thank you for your feedback.  So simple.