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Accessing data in a Tableau .tds file


I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to access data from a Tableau .tds file either directly with Alteryx or a method to convert it to an Alteryx accessible format?


The source data comes from outside my organization and the only connection pulls data into Tableau Server and saves it as a .tds.  Creating another connection isn't feasible at this time.  All thoughts and suggestions welcomed.






A Tableau data source .tds is generally an xml based file that points to some connection.  You'd be able to use the XML parsing in Alteryx to interpret the structure of the data source.  If your actual data is in a tableau data extract, (.tde) then unfortunately there is no tool other than Tableau that can read that as a source (although Alteryx can write to that format).


There is a lot of demand for being able to read a .tde file type with the Input tool in Alteryx, but as I u nderstand it, Tableau holds the keys to such a capability as this far has not allowed anyone to do that.

Hi Vince


Jason gave the right Direction on how to read tds 


here is a sample workflow for you incase if you need to know how to do

i used sample stroe TDs file for this example


Can I get to this from the server?  I can only see this from the Tableau Repository on my local machine.