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Accessing data from SSRS report


I'm looking for more configuration information on download tool. Objective is to access and extract data from an internal SSRS report for subsequent analysis. Is it possible to pass report run parameters to our own SSRS report to run for desired data and extraction? I can extract from a static xml file of the report run, but the object is to "automate" this process with an Alteryx workflow. Is this feasible?



can you be little more elaborate, we can always automate the process by scheduling the workflow. Depends on the requirements and dependencies.


Thanks. We have a complex in house SSRS report that takes 3 parameters ( it loads with default params) and would like to extract some of the calculated summaries from a report run to use in conjunction with other in house data. Alteryx would have to be able to connect to the report on the local server so that the report runs with default parameters or I could change parameters passed to the report via Alteryx. I would then need to download specific results from the SSRS report into Alteryx. I can manually run the report, and pull the XML into Alteryx, but that is not what is desired. We want to use Alteryx to extract the desired items in a workflow. 


All of  the Alteryx tutorials on this only cover the basic example of downloading at table or other static element from a web page. Thanks for any help you can provide.