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Absolute Cell Reference (like in Excel)


I need to calculate values for columns C,D and E & row no. 7, 8 and 9.

Looking to replicate absolute cell reference function of excel.

PFA sample data for reference.


NOTE: Please avoid solutions using "Record Id"

Cell Reference.JPG





See the attached file. Cell referencing doesn't work exactly the same as in Excel, but it is absolutely doable. In this example, i filtered out the rows i wanted to replace data for and appended the specific points from another filter. A little hard to explain in text, but the example will be more helpful.




Thanks Jarrod for the response!

I expected it to be a bit short. However, I appreciate your help... :)


well there is a way to do it through just a couple tools (using Multi-Row Formula), but you'd have to know exactly how many rows up it would be from the first "future" row you encounter. The way i show above is a little more explicit and flexible in how you choose your row - it just happens to use multiple tools. Keep in mind the number of tools isn't always indicative of speed within Alteryx. If the number of tools are bothersome, you can either wrap in a macro or place the section of tools in a container and minimize. :)