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About extracting data from DB

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I am currently working on some ETL tasks. When I setup the connection to an SQL server on the cloud, sometimes I cannot get all the data from a large table. The table should have ~2m rows but I usually can get 200k rows. I dont know why and when I re-start the computer or restart alteryx to run again, sometimes it works. Does anybody know why? And is there any way to aviod this happening?




ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @kennethli,

Can you clarify what happens in the instances where you do not get the expected number of rows?  Is there an error message given or does it just return fewer rows for reasons unknown?  (Aside: I know ETL processes can sometimes get complicated, and if there is a random (unspecified) order returned in one section of a query, that could conceivably impact downstream portions of the query.  Just a thought, if anything along those lines is going on.)