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About condition variable in Formula tool

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Hi,thank you for always nice answer


In a function, can parameters be instructed from an external tool such as csv?
It would be nice to be able to create scripts.

When analyzing with the requirement that conditions change on a daily basis,
By inputting and capturing requirements determined in the common format,
I want to prevent mistakes.
· Variable schedule range Today is 60 days, next day 40 days, etc.
· Variable scrubbing time for every 6 hours every 4 hours, etc.
· Enable arithmetic operations freely

For example, in the csv file input,
Day 60
Time 4
Calculation /

Such,The average time for calculation every 4 hours in 60 days is output.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Yes.  The nice answer is always, "Yes!"


The simple case is easily demonstrated with an APPEND Fields tool.  Append the 3 CSV values to the data.


FILTER against the appended day and you can check to only look at rows within the N hour/days.


Getting to more complex calculations will require more configuration.




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Alteryx Partner

Hi @SaoriYamguchi,


There are definitely ways you can accomplish this. If you are trying to use today's date as the controlling parameter then I would suggest using a custom filter after the CSV input to isolate the formulas for today and then you can use use the "Dynamic Formula' tool from the CREW macros to change your formulas. If you are looking to process all of the days, each with their own set of formulas, I would suggest building out a batch macro. 


Let me know which case you are interested in if you would like a more detailed explanation. 


Something else to look at here might be setting Workflow Constants rather than an external CSV. You can set Workflow constants under 'Workflow' tab on the 'Workflow - Configuration'.


That way you still only have to set them once for the workflow and they can be used multiple times.



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Thank you for reply and sorry for late my reply.
How to use it concretely?
Would you tell me?

Thank you.

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Thank you for reply and sorry for late my reply.
I found CREW Macro.Thanks!

And would you contact you if I want to listen specifically?

Thank you.

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Thank you for reply and sorry for late my reply.

Thank you.