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Ability to insert photo on workflow canvas?



You know how we can add Comment boxes anywhere on the workflow canvas to explain our processes?  I want to add a small screen shot onto the canvas to show the result I'm getting (because it needs to be tweaked).  Is there not a way to do this?  And if not, I'm wondering if that could be an addition to an updated version at some point.




@summarizer You can save your screenshot as a picture file and then use the background image feature of the comment tool.


If you have the image saved somewhere on your computer, you can add a Comment tool in order to add that image to your workflow. Add a Comment tool, then at the bottom of the Configuration window, there is an option that says 'Background Image' where you can browse for the image you want to be added to the canvas. 


Hope this helps!


Thanks folks!  I sure couldn't find that myself.  And I couldn't find it in my Community search, so I hope that me asking and you answering will help future folks find it too.  Thanks for the quick responses!


Thank you for sharing.  Works beautifully!