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ARIMA: Error in searchDir(dbDir, lang) : expecting a string

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@HossC @KOBoyle


I'm working in 11.8 and encounter the same issues on my Windows 10 machine.  Would love to be able to use the TS forecasting tools. 


Any thoughts on a fix?


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Can you try removing all older versions and doing a fresh install?

That saved me after struggling with the issue a while...


By the way this is really a tie breaker,

Not every business user is in to advanced predictive tools but,

they are into forecasting and when this error really pisses people of around me...

When this happens I'm sure they'll divert their journey towards a competitor, I already lost one...

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11.8 was a fresh install as of 2 days ago, but I can uninstall and try a clean re-install.


Do you recommend sticking with 11.8 or moving back down a few versions?

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We'll I may suggest you to install non admin versions from 11.5 in parallel,

which I'do now with every new version I'm scared of an error so always keep the old one...


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Hi @calan,


Could you please enable "Show All Macro Messages" in Workflow Configuration before running the workflow and share the results.


show all macro messages - time series.png




Paul Noirel

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@PaulIN Thanks! I've included a snapshot and attached the output log to the post.


@Atabarezz...just waiting for a convenient time to test the uninstall and migration to 11.5 theory.  Will keep you posted here. Thanks!


15_Time_Series_Forecasting_Errors v2.png

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Hi @calan,


Many thanks for the quick reply!


Looking at the message, could you please create a new workflow with a R tool and a Browse tool connected to Output 1 and run the following piece of code please?


dbDir <- get("glotPath_sc", envir = .GlobalEnv)
lang <- get("glotDbTable_sc", envir = .GlobalEnv)



 Many thanks,
Paul Noirel
Sr Customer Engineer



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While waiting for @calan's reply, I tried it. The R tool returns one record with the Directory, and no Lang. I attached a screenshot too.


Record #     X.C...Program.Files..Alteryx..bin..Messages...

1                  C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\Message\





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Thanks for the reply.  Below is a snapshot of the output...

R tool Output.png



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Hey @calan,


Many thanks for the quick answer. Based on the results, I would say that Language value is missing in your registry.


Could you please run the following lines from a command prompt (cmd.exe) and send them to ?


reg query HKCU\Software\SRC\Alteryx

reg query HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\SRC\Alteryx


For example on my machine:






Paul Noirel

Sr Customer Support Engineer