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API error when using the Jira connector


Earlier in the the year I successfully downloaded and ran the Jira connector posted here in the community


I tried to run a workflow today using the same connector and am getting a JIRA API error (see pic).  Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas on how to resolve?




401 is an authentication issue, are you positive that you have the correct server log-in information?


Can you make a successful call to the Jira API via postman or similar?


agree with old dog...


To use this tool you need at the minimum:

Admin Permissions to an account

API token generated from the said admin account

personal ability to use those admin credentials in your workflow (either via a service account or your personal account)


also if you hit any API constraints, this might work well too (I made it :) )!app/Jira-Iterative-Macro-Connector/5cf81b8a0462d712c8e75001



I have encountered the same issue when using JIRA connector.  I do have the token generated by JIRA.

Where do I apply it? thanks.


the token is your password.  Jira has all sorts of documents on how to use their API.


You should first learn to use the API and what is required, then look into this.  If you don't understand the API, this will be painful.