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API call CSV data

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I searched in this community, trying to find an example solution of API call CSV data (input a link and then parse data), with downloadable Alteryx file, but I haven't found one.

I saw some post might be a good example, but the URL does not work for me after I downloaded the file. I need a use case with a working URL. 
Does anyone knows a link to an ideal solution or can post an Alteryx file?

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15 - Aurora

Are you asking for a "real" example of a CSV URL that you can download into Alteryx Designer and then parse out the data?


If so, here is a site I scrape the data from and then parse afterwards using several of the tools on the Parse palate in Designer:



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the most typical way this is done is by using a text input tool along with a download tool. There are two different routes from there, depending on how you wish to proceed.


The first step is inputting your url into the text input tool and then connecting to the download tool. The main choice you will need to make here is where the downloaded data is stored, either as a single string or as a temporary file.


download config.png


downloading as a string will require you to parse the field using a parse tool or other methods. Downloading as a temporary file then requires a dynamic input tool, but won't require the parsing so it could in fact be a simpler route.


the attached workflow gives you a rough idea.


8 - Asteroid

@mbarone @neilgallen 

Thanks for replying. 

When I use your urls

(, both reach an error of "Error transferring data: Failure when receiving data form the peer."



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15 - Aurora

Could be an issue with your firewall/proxy/proxy scripts.  I'm assuming you can paste the URL into a browser though and see the data, correct?  If so, best to reach out to  They had to help me with my proxy settings, as well as my internal IT/Security group.