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API and Iterative Macro

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All,


I have managed to create an iterative macro to fetch the rows from URL (API) using start and end date parameters and then parse the output data using JSON parse and text to column tool. 

I am getting the below error message when the iteration finish /when no data found. 

in the below screenshot ,there were 9 iterations for date 06/10/2020 , which were run successfully and the records were saved  in the output file successfully. But I have received an error message at iteration 10 which does not exist for this date.



Please could you let me know if there are any settings/configuration changes required in order to fix this error? .


 The workflow to call Macro is


Also, This report has millions of rows which are inserted on daily basis .The data can be filtered with inserted date column by passing a date parameter in URL. What is the best way to fetch these records and populate them in to the alteryx database output file on daily basis as the data is too big.



Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,




6 - Meteoroid

Thank you Everyone, I have managed to fix this issue. It was the sort by rownum tool in the Macro. I have removed it now.