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AP Date=WORKDAY(Vendor Paid Date,-2, Holidays) I have been stuck for days!!

7 - Meteor

Hi All,


I need to replicate the excel formula in Alterx. AP Date=WORKDAY(Vendor Paid Date,-2, Holidays) I have played with some of the solutions given in the community, but I can't get them to work 😞


Any help is appreciated 🙂


Attached are the some dates and the holiday list.




8 - Asteroid

Hi @Gr4c3B4ss , 


I've attached an example solution below. It utilizes an iterative macro to find the first valid day if the initial subtraction of 2 days is on a weekend or holiday. Labor day was giving me some trouble so I had to hotfix but the rest seemed to be correct. Hoping you can take it from here. 


Hope this helps!

7 - Meteor



Thank you so much, your workflow didn't quite do what I needed BUT I broke down all your logic and it HELPED me tremendously!!  attaching what I built incase someone else needs =workday(date,-2,[holiday])