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A more efficient way to perform fuzzy match


Hi everyone! I am trying to do a fuzzy match between two columns but the problem is that it takes too long to be performed since I need to put all the rows in the same column, then perform fuzzy match and then I only need the fuzzy match of those rows who have the same ID. 

I have 1,000 rows, each one with an identifier. If I group the rows in one column and then perform fuzzy match I have 1,000,000 combinations that fuzzy match is giving me, but I am only interested in the ones that have the same ID, so it is a completely waste of time.

I attach an image of a sample of my dataset, once fuzzy match has been performed.Sample.png

Thanks in advance!


hi @tutankamon


If you have an ID column that you want to limit your matches to, try joining on the ID column column first.  That should narrow down the number of rows to feed into the fuzzy match tool




Thanks for your reply. I do have an ID column, but the problem is that I would like to tell Fuzzy Match which rows I want to match because otherwise it will match all the possible combinations and then I would have to filter the ones I am interested in. I attach the input, in case you can help me to do something more efficient than what I have done.