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A few questions about formatting Pie / Donut Charts in the Interactive Chart tool...




I'm trying to get the hang of interactive charts, and I have a few questions regarding formatting pie and donut charts:


1) How do I change the colors in the legend? Instead of the default blue and orange, I'd like to assign my own colors. I don't see an option under legend or any of the other sections.




2) Is there any place inside this tool to change the format of the displayed numbers? Example: I'd like 25.9% to be rounded and displayed as 26%. 





3) How do I bring text/variables to the inside hole of a donut chart? 


4) Is there a way to move the data labels to be in the white space outside the donut, instead of on top of the colored sections?







Example workflow attached. I appreciate any help with this formatting! 

Alteryx Certified Partner

1) Just under layer at the top. You can change all kinds of colors.

2) You would want to prep that in your data and round if before graphing

3) You can use the notes field to make notes anywhere in the chart. This would take some playing

4) Inside Layer again at the bottom under "Text" there is a "Text Position" button.


I did the formatting and made it look semi like your example.
If you need some more info, please feel free to reach out


Hi @JordyMicheal ! Thanks much for the fast reply. Very helpful!


Sorry, I'm still missing exactly where to change the colors under layer at the top. I'm probably staring right at it, but can you be more specific? The donut is still orange and blue in the yxzp you attached.



Alteryx Certified Partner

@ddiesel No worries at all!


So go to the "Interactive Chart" tool and click "Configure Chart"

Under the Style header and click on Layer

At the very top you should see Pie Colors and you can edit it there.
Lots to choose from


Let me know if that helps



Thank you @JordyMicheal !


Your suggestions were very helpful and I got it working!


One note if anyone else is having trouble finding the color options...

I couldn't see them in Alteryx version 2018.4, but they are here in 2019.2:






This does not let you choose a specific color for a specific slice though, correct?


@JohnMaty I wasn't able to find a way to assign specific colors to the slices. I got the pie to work in the Alteryx workflow, but I ended up publishing the visuals for the end users with Tableau.


Thanks!  I hate this tool right now.  Seems so limiting.