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A 300mb data set is proving too large for Alteryx. Any ideas why?


My team and I are trying to use Alteryx for the first time to analyze a large data set of traffic patterns in the US. The file is 300mb and contains ~3 million rows and 7 columns. This seems well within the parameters of what 64-bit Alteryx can load, however, we receive an error whenever we try to import the entire file and instead have to split the data set up into significantly smaller pieces in order for it work. What might be causing this? 


Thanks in advance for any help or ideas!

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Can you provide some additional information like the data source and the error message received?


I often find it easiest to first load the data into an Alteryx database  (have a workflow with just two tools - an Input Data from the data source and an Output Data to the the Alteryx database) and then use that Alteryx database as the source in my workflow.