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32-bit Oracle Connection

6 - Meteoroid

Hey all,


I've tried just about every solution I could find on the community to get an Oracle 32-bit connection to work.  When I use the 'Other Databases>32-Bit Database Connections>ODBC', then select the database and enter my user name and password nothing happens at all, no errors, no nothing.  The same thing when I try 'Other Databases>32-Bit Database Connections>Oracle OCI...'.  Strangely enough if I use 'Other Databases>32-Bit Database Connections>OleDB...'  the test is successful, but then nothing happens when I say OK.  Also I got the connection to work yesterday, but when I try an modify the query I get the error below:


"Access to the path 'C\Users\X6138036......................log' is denied"


Using the default Oracle connection throws the 64-bit 32-bit error.  Any ideas?



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@S2N ,


First questions is do you need to use a 32 bit connection? 32 bit is not ideal as it can be very slow. Understand if that is all you have, but highly recommend using a 64 bit connection. 


Are you using a supported driver?


Since 32 bit drivers are really older versions of drivers they can be a little finicky. You may want to work with your database admin to make sure you have the proper access and use a 64 bit connection.


If you can update to the 64 bit and confirm access. Please reach out to Alteryx Support for help.








7 - Meteor

I had the same issue where I would select 32-Bit ODBC to setup a connection and nothing would happen. I found that Version 2019.4.6 has a bug that prevents connections to 32-bit ODBC sources. Version 2019.3.6 works just fine. This is an Alteryx issue.


Hi @CharltonFranklin @S2N 


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This has been fixed in our most recent version: 2019.4.8 which is available on our downloads site. 



Henriette Haigh
Technical Product Manager - Data Connectors
Alteryx, Inc.