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2018.3 Drag and Drop not working


I just installed 2108.3 and I can no longer drag CSV files from my computer into Alteryx. Was this removed or is this a bug?


@sasha_pugliese The behavior you are encountering isn't a bug, but rather a security restriction imposed by Windows. Due to Windows security isolation if your File Explorer and Designer are running at different permissions levels you will not be able to drag and drop files into Designer. This behavior most frequently occurs on Windows 10 when Designer is running with elevated privileges (right click and select 'Run as administrator'). You can check this in Designer by going to Help > About. If the help dialog shows 'Running Elevated' you will not be able to drag and drop files. If it shows 'Running Non-Elevated' you will be able to drag and drop files.

Is there a way to toggle this to running not elevated? Or will I have to perform an uninstall and reinstall?

A viable solution to this question would be most appreciated.


@scottgrossnickle and @DataKimist. This is Windows functionality and isn't something we have any control over. As such uninstalling/reinstalling Designer likely will not help. Windows provides a wide array of methods to run an application as an administrator, and also allows you to set an application to always run as an administrator. You can find more information on these options (section 8 specifically covers how to set an application or shortcut to always run as an administrator) at the following link:

Hi @KeninP,


Thank you for your response. See edited solution below, I misunderstood KeninP's answer.

My soln: I opened the excel file as an admin and was able to drag/drop into Altyrex.

Are there any other solutions? That would increase the time to connect to inputs a bit.