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2017 demographic bundle




I have the demographics bundle -

US Census 2010 - Most recent vintage 

US Census 2010- SF1 Data ( Q3 2017 Release)


Both of these do not seem to have the updated demographic information , for example total US population is 312,471,327 while I know that as of July 2017 , the population is 325 million.


Is there any other bundle that has the updated demographics numbers? Does the Experian bundle have updated numbers?


Hi @prravich - that is correct. The US Census 2010 datasets are built upon the 2010 census data - as the name implies - the only thing that changes with each update is the geographies for which that data can be divided by. The Experian US dataset that comes as part of our US Core Data bundle has a "Current Year Estimates" tab under Basic Variables and a  Total Population variable is in there. According to the Experian US data - as of the Q3 2017 release - the US estimated population is 325,227,741.


Thank you Travis for the quick response. I have a follow up question.


I am going through the US data release but I am still unclear which Experian product I should request for download. The variables I am looking for are:


1. 2017 demographics ( population, household) and if possible 2022 estimates

2. 2017 income related information ( household, population etc.)  and if possible 2022 estimates


Hi @prravich - the Experian US dataset will have all of those variables under the "Basic Variables" tab for 2017 Estimates as well as 2022 projections

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Hi @prravich @TravisR


I have these two datasets as well but i want to use only the US Census SF one, but don't know what to do or how to import these packages in alteryx designer to use it with CASS tool.

Kindly help.


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@anishbhola can you describe what you mean regarding using with CASS, etc.?


The census data (whatever vintage and source) is organized by areas (1 record for each county, zip, census block group, etc.).  


If you have separately a list of addresses, and have run them through CASS / US geocoder, you can then match to the census data on elements such as ZIP 5 or (from the geocoder output) censusid --> block group.


Happy to lend a hand if I understand better your situation.

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Thanks @PeterGoldey your reply provided some clarity and context to my problem.

That is what I want to do.

I have Census data that I downloaded from Legacy Downloads Section.

Kindly have a look at below Data.

this is the data that I have gotten from Linked in and all of the data is in single column.

I want to identify those rows which have some kind of location (in US only.) For Example, Greater New York City Area here.

I wanted to use CASS or US Street Geo-coder tool but I am Getting an error saying, CASS Data-set not installed on this machine or No Geo-coder Data-sets Available.

Could you please guide me on how to get it sorted.

I thought Data-sets referred in above mentioned errors are Census ones.

LinkedIn Prob Snapshot.png


Hi @anishbhola


The datasets and tools that are referred to in the thread (CASS, US Geocoder, Experian Data, etc) are not a part of the free census data download. These are a part of the US Data bundle which is a paid add on for Alteryx. If you are interested in these tools and datasets then you should reach out to your sales rep. If you already subscribe to the US Data bundle then you can download them from the licensing portal -

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Thanks @TravisR for letting me know. :)


Hi @TravisR -- Where can I download the Alteryx Experian US dataset?